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Cotford St Luke Parish Council


There is a new light in Youth Gazebo/pagoda on the big field. The Youths requested a light.  They have one. We are sure they will care for it.

It is a Solar light but does have an on off switch.


We have a New Parish Council with effect from 9th May  2019 

Your new Councillors are:-

Chair   Adrian Coucher

Vice Chair  Linda Featherstone

Cllr Sandra Newing-Griffiths

Cllr Rae Rae Green

Cllr Peter Davies

Cllr Mathew Woodford

A good councillor has integrity, honesty, a will to help his/her community and has some spare time. Happy to work within a team with lots of ideas as to how to benefit the community of Cotford St Luke.

If  you would like to be a part of Cotford St Luke Association you would be very welcome.  The aim is to arrange social events, oversee the Community Hall and work with our community.  If you would like to be an active member of the association please contact

The Parish Council really want to engage the village and try and help the community of Cotford St Luke. Please talk to us. If you have any ideas please use the contact page.

Our Village (Parish Council) Website

The aim of our website is to provide useful information about the village in general and the activities of the Parish Council.  Our website is currently in need of some redesigning. If you have any ideas/expertise please contact the Parish Clerk.   Thank you for the new pictures already sent.  New ones always welcome especially of activities.

If you have any ideas about what you would like to see on the Website please contact us
Via 01823 433706 Or contact us via the Contact page

Please leave your name and contact details and Helen will get back to you.

Public Art Project

Taunton Deane Taunton Deane Borough Council have allocated a sum of money to Cotford St Luke for a Public Art Project.

This is an exciting venture that could provide enhancement to one or more areas of public land within Cotford St Luke.  The brief is broad(and somewhat vague!) but could be in the form of landscaping/sculpture/leisure facility/or something practical that is incorporated with some sort of art installation. As a capital sum the money cannot be used to provide a service i.e. art classes or equipment.

The project will be publicised to artists across Somerset and Devon who will be asked to bring ideas forward. We are lucky that this area has a number of artists with broad experience in delivering this type of project.

Over the coming months the Parish Council will be exploring ideas and working with artists towards the goal of providing Cotford St Luke with an outstandin piece of public art for our village.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to put forward? The Parish Council would love to hear from you. Contact Cllr Linda Featherstone. Email: She will be very happy to discuss the project with you.


The Newsletter will continue as some of our villagers do not use the internet.  Cllr Linda Featherstone will oversee the production of the new newsletter in 2019.

So we will communicate to the Village via the Newsletters and the Parish Notice boards and the website.

1-2 times a year the Parish Council compiles a newsletter providing useful information about our village and also outlining the work we have completed over the last few months.  If you wish to view the most recent newsletter Nov 2018 please click here. Alternatively if you would rather we send you the latest newsletter on its release via email instead of print , please click on the ‘Join Our Mailing List’ button on the right side of this page or click here.