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Current News – January 2020

Defibrillator – A reminder

By now you should all have received cards through your doors (Many thanks to Tony Freeman for the legwork) giving new information regarding the defibrillator located by the village shop. (TA4 1HX). The information on these cards is quite literally life saving. Display them prominently in your home. In the event of sudden cardiac arrest – dial 999 first and ask for the ambulance service. Send someone for the DEFIB and commence CPR. The instructions for use are clear and foolproof .



The Parish Council invested in the purchase and planting of 11,000 daffodil bulbs to provide a heart lifting display on the approaches and roadsides through the village. Please be aware of this when keeping the village neat and tidy.

Speed Watch Concerns have been expressed regarding increased instances of speeding in the village. The Parish Council has all the necessary equipment, however we need new volunteers to monitor speeding in the village through the Speedwatch initiative. If you could help keep our village safe by giving Speedwatch a few hours of your time please email the Parish Clerk

Public Art Project Taunton Deane Borough Council have allocated a sum of money to Cotford St Luke for a Public Art Project. This is an exciting venture that could provide enhancement to one or more areas of public land within Cotford St Luke. The brief is broad (and somewhat vague!) but could be in the form of landscaping/ sculpture/a leisure facility/or something practical that is incorporated with some sort of art installation. As a capital sum the money cannot be used to provide a service i.e. art classes or equipment. The project will be publicised to artists across Somerset and Devon who will be asked to bring ideas forward. We are lucky that this area has a number of artists with broad experience in delivering this type of project. Over the coming months the Parish Council will be exploring ideas and working with artists towards the goal of providing Cotford St Luke with an outstanding piece of public art for our village. Do you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to put forward? The Parish Council would love to hear from you. Contact the Parish Clerk for more information.

Litter and Dogs

The Parish Council has gone to great lengths to try and alleviate this problem by installing additional bins for dog waste at strategic points in the village. Dog waste poses a very real health risk , particularly to children playing on the recreational areas.

SO PLEASE, PLEASE, be a responsible dog owner: BAG IT AND BIN IT!


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