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Cotford St Luke Parish Council

Parish Council

Initially Cotford St Luke was incorporated within the Parish of Bishops Lydeard and Cothelstone, however since its needs as a new village were very different to these well established villages, it was always envisaged that it should have its own Parish Council. This was achieved in 2011.


What do we do?

The Parish Council is made up of volunteers, who give their time to benefit the village as a whole and as a group their duties include:

Management of the recreation ground, hall and facilities and specific land within the Parish

Reviewing and commenting on any planning applications within the Parish

Liaison with relevant authorities regarding infrastructure /policing/community issues to represent the views of the villagers and get the best advantage for the local area

Engaging with all interested parties regarding the current and future shape of life in the local area


Who are we?

The Parish has Councillors are elected by the residents every four years.  For more information on your current Councillors’ please click here.


When do we meet?

We usually meet in the Community Centre on the second Thursday of every month at 7:30pm. All villagers are welcome to come to the Parish Council meetings to understand our work in more detail and raise any issue that may be of concern. For more details on the dates, times and venue of Council meetings, please click here.