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COTFORD ST LUKE has inherited a lovely collection of threes.  Some dating from the early days of the hospital others from centuries earlier.

The trees are generally found clustered in certain areas: the Lime-tree walk is at the top of the playing fields, opposite the old hospital buildings; there is an interesting collection adjacent to The Chapel; many others are either around or on the playing fields; the remainder are scattered round the village.

Specific specimens include…

An avenue of Limes; Oak in middle of playing field; Eucalyptus; Silver birch; Indian Bean Tree; Deodor Cedar; Horse Chestnut; Indian Chestnut; Dawn Redwood; London Plane; Common Beech; Tree of Heaven; Weeping Willow; Sycamore; Giant Sequoia; Persian Ironwood; Trembling Poplar; Lebanon Cedar; Lawson Cypress.