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The Chapel


New-Chapel-EntranceThe Chapel is a focal point within the village and is frequently visited by many people from both within and outside Cotford St Luke. Details of The Chapel’s history  can be found below along with original pictures of The Chapel from the early 20th century, those taken during the initial renovation in the 2000’s, and some taken more recently.


cotford historicalThe Chapel, like the main hospital building, dates from around 1890 and is Grade II listed.  In the original plans for Cotford St Luke the Main Hospital building  was reserved to be converted into a multi-purpose community facility – providing a community centre and space for retail and commercial use.  Taunton Deane Borough Council then changed its mind, assisted by the developers, and allowed it to be converted into residential units so long as The Chapel was converted for this use at the developer’s expense.



Photo supplied by Jane HintonEven though plans were agreed for The Chapel, the conversion never happened as Taunton Deane Borough Council decided that it wasn’t suitable for this purpose.  The Chapel was then retained by a developer.  By this time the building was showing the signs of neglect, not helped by a leaking roof.


Finally in 2008 the building was renovated and converted into a pub.  This has not proved totally satisfactory as the building from time to time has fallen into disuse.



In 2014 The Chapel was re-opened and now provides an excellent and unusual venue, hosting many local events.