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Cotford St Luke Community Association

C-centerThe Cotford St Luke Community Association is a charity that oversees the upkeep and hire of the community halls. As one of the first groups active in the village, this group was very instrumental in building a sense of community prior to the school, shop and The Chapel’s existence.

Photo supplied by Peter GroverIn the early 2000s the village had no community building.  However the NHS had a neglected and empty building that had been stripped of all equipment.  The NHS allowed the village to use it.  But this had to end when the NHS suddenly realised it needed the building and refitted it out as the excellent Deane Barton Community Hospital.


For many years, while maintaining pressure on the councils, the CSLCA organised social events, carried out surveys, and published the quarterly ‘Cotford Chronicles’.  After much campaigning by the Cotford St Luke Community Association a new multi-purpose building was developed in 2006 –  split between our Primary School; the Community Centre run by the Cotford St Luke Community Association; and a Sports Changing facility operated by Taunton Deane Borough Council.  Since then this has been operating very successfully.  There is space and outline plans for a phase II extension to the Community Centre at some point in the future should the need arise.


Today the CSLCA’s main role is running the community centre it was instrumental in funding.