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Village Alerts!

Posted on 28th March, 2019 in News

11/04/2019 Parked Cars 

Please ensure you have locked your car if parked near your home.  There have been local incidents in Norton Fitzwarren.  Just a heads up.

Also, can people who currently park on the main road through the village, please use their own parking spaces at the back of their homes.  Traffic is having difficulty getting through.  Especially large trucks and farm vehicles. You do not want your vehicles damaged.


M5 Junction 25 Improvement Scheme

The improvement scheme will take 2 yrs to complete so lots of discruption

For more information


March 2019

Phone calls

Please be careful people are receiving calls purporting to be bona-fide organisations such as HMRC asking for bank details etc. Please be aware !!!

Glass found in sandpit on main field!!!

Please be careful to tidy away your litter especially glass that could have caused serious injury.  Looks like a Lucozade bottle.  Please look after our children.






Loud Banging ? Guns heard in the Village  Upsetting dogs

This is in fact a bird scarer to protect agricultural land.  A fact of life in the country.  It is random in order to have an effect on the birds.