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Village Alerts! 2020

Posted on 28th February, 2020 in News

28 February 2020


The following information has been issued by the Department of Trading Standards on the current and active scams in our area:

Renewable Energy – 01_Jan_Beware of renewable energy scams

Computer Support – 02_Feb_Beware of computer support scams

Driveway Repairs – 03_Mar_Beware of rogue driveway repairers

Holiday Scams – 04_Apr_Beware of holiday scams (1)

Garden Services – 05_May_Beware of rogue garden services

Advance Fees – 06_Jun_Beware of advance fee scams

Mattress & Garden Furniture Sellers – 07_Jul_Beware of rogue mattress and garden furniture sellers

Roofers – 08_Aug_Beware of rogue roofers

White Goods Insurance – 09_Sep_Beware of white goods insurance scams

Home Insulation Services – 10_Oct_Beware of rogue home insulation services

Christmas – 11_Nov_Beware of Christmas scams

Phishing – 12_Dec_Beware of phising scams