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Agenda April 11th 2019 Parish council Meeting

Posted on 11th April, 2019 in Hidden


There will be a Parish Council Meeting to be held in the Community Centre, Cotford St Luke on
Thursday 11st April 2019 at 7.30 PM.

1. Attendance and Apologies.
2. Introduction of council to general public.
3. Approval and signature of previous minutes of Meeting 21st March 2019
4. Councillor’s Declarations of Interest in any Agenda item
5. Matters arising:
5.1. Gritting of roads -reply from District Council Parish Clerk
5.2. Free electric Charging Points Cllr Hassall
5.3. Sunday Bus- Draft Letter sent to other parish councils Parish Clerk
Survey Monkey results Cllr Green
5.4. Removal of bus shelters due to vandalism and antisocial behaviour
See email from villager attached. Reply sent by Parish Clerk
5.5. Gazebo/pagoda young people’s area concrete base ordered – possibility of light Parish Clerk
5.6. Football posts on order for top field to arrive soon.

6. Police Update: 1. Police Report to be read out by Parish Clerk
7. Items from members of the public: 1. District council not keeping verges and hedges in check

8. Outstanding issues with regards to MUGA Courts
8.1. Use of MUGA by school -feedback from meeting with Headmaster. Cllr Stansbury Cllr Green
8.2. Ongoing maintenance – in budget for 2018/19 Need future planning
8.3. General use statement on website – outstanding since in use from Dec 2019
8.4. Insurance – Is the MUGA Covered Zurich Public Liability Parish Clerk
8.5. “Refurbished by PC “ signs
8.6. Maintenance schedule Tony Freeman
8.7. Rubbish bin purchase – quote for rubbish bin Parish Clerk
8.8. Extended warranty Tony Freeman

9. WST Councillor: Update by Cllr A. Gunner
10. SCC Councillor: Update by Cllr M. Rigby

11. Phase II Community Hall – use of CIL Monies Decision of this council Don Stansbury

12. New Parish Council Elections May 2019: Update Parish Clerk
Issues that need passing on to new council.

13. Section 106 Public Art Campaign: Update Cllr Featherstone

14. Correspondence: Parish Clerk

15. Planning: NEW 53/19/0002/T Carry out management work to Tree with Tree Preservation Order on it.
Rogers Walk CSL Received by council 03/04/2019. Letter dated 28th March 2019

16. Western Power distribution doing work on trees at lower Deane Rd, Path to clear the telephone wires. PC
17. CCTV in Cotford: Cllr Ross
18. Stiles: Cllr Featherstone Contact with Oake Parish Council: Parish Clerk
19. Litter picking: Cllr Green
20. Plastic bench offer from school Cllr Green
21. End of year finances Parish Clerk
22. Payments:
22.1 Final missed payment for Parish Clerk Training 2018
22.2 Zurich Public Liability Insurance Renewal date 4th May 2019

23 Date of Next Meeting: 9th May 2019 First meeting of New Parish Council


Members are reminded that the Parish Council has a duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions; Equal Opportunities (race, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Order, Health & Safety and Human Rights. It is expected that Council Members will read the Agenda and any literature attached prior to the meeting. Please bring this with you to the meeting.