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Cotford St Luke Parish Council

The aim of our website is to provide useful information about the village and the activities of the Parish Council.

The first residents of Cotford St Luke moved into our village in 1998, since then our village has grown to around 950 houses, situated within an area of natural beauty.

On our website we outline the roles and services provided by the Parish Council along with details of our councillors, dates, meetings and copies of agendas and minutes. This site also enables you to find out more about our community and the various activities taking place throughout the year, as well as obtain up to date information about local services and businesses.

Please contact us if you have questions concerning the work of the Parish Council, or if you would like to get involved in our work in any way.

2016 Projects

In 2016 the Parish Council have nominated two areas of focus, over and above the regular Parish Council activity. They are as follows:

1. Setting up and maintaining a village website to provide information about the Parish Council and its activities in the village, and also to provide up to date and reliable information about local events and the environment in which we live.

2. Obtaining the necessary permissions and funding to re-develop one of the existing tennis courts, in front of the community centre, to be a Multi Use Games Area that is available and accessible to all living within the village.


3-4 times a year the Parish Council compiles a newsletter providing useful information about our village and also outlining the work we have completed over the last few months. In the past these have been printed and distributed as a paper copy, however we are now moving to digital distribution and their availability on our website. If you wish to view the most recent newsletter please click here. Alternatively if you would rather we send you the latest newsletter on its release via email , please click on the ‘Join Our Mailing List’ button on the right side of this page or click here.



Parking in the Village

Some villagers have mentioned incidences of parking on or near road junctions, or in generally unsuitable areas. Please can we ask you to bear in mind sensible visibility around corners and road junctions, and park accordingly.

Guidance within the Highway Code suggests not parking within 10 meters of a junction, for more information please see the highway Code website. Thank you!

If you do have any further concerns about parking in the village please contact PCSO Sharon Cridlin on 07825125108 who will be happy to assist you further.